Bachelor of Education - Secondary Education

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Bachelor of Education - Secondary Education

Quick facts

  • Annual tuition (2023)

    $32,000 AUD

  • Application fee

    $50 AUD

  • Duration

    3.5 years

  • PSW

    2 years

  • Min GPA

    65 out of 100

  • CRICOS code


Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

These are mandatory and all come with course.


Term start& deadline Deadline
Fall-March 31-January-2024 2024-01-31
Winter-July 03-June-2024 2024-06-03
Fall-March 31-January-2025 2025-01-31
Winter-July 03-June-2025 2025-06-03


Bachelor of Education - Secondary Education

This program at Griffith University prepares students to teach in primary or secondary settings. 

Students undertake professional practice, which includes observation and participation in schools, practice teaching and community field studies.

Secondary Education (Gold Coast, Mt Gravatt): Students undertake studies in two teaching areas or one teaching area and one major (conditions apply to some teaching area combinations). 

Core education courses in the Secondary Education Major are offered on the Gold Coast and Mt Gravatt campuses or online. 

Teaching area content courses may be offered on-campus only, and students should check the timetable for individual courses as to whether they can be completed online. 

Students may need to travel to another campus to undertake courses specific to a Secondary Teaching Area not offered on their home campus.

Secondary Teaching Areas

Students undertaking two Teaching Areas will select one area from the Teaching Area Content 1 list and one from the Teaching Area Content 2 list. 

Students undertaking the Learning Support major will select one area from the Teaching Area Content 2 list. 

Teaching Area Content 1

  • Biology (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)
  • English (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)
  • Digital Technologies (Gold Coast)
  • Food and Nutrition (Gold Coast)
  • Geography (Mt Gravatt)
  • History (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)
  • Mathematics (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)
  • Visual arts (Mt Gravatt)

Teaching Area Content 2

  • Chemistry (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)
  • Design Technology (Gold Coast)
  • Drama (Mt Gravatt)
  • English (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)
  • Health and Physical Education (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast or online)
  • History (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)
  • Mathematics (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)
  • Physics (other teaching areas must be Mathematics) (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)
  • Psychology (Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast)

Note: Mt Gravatt students may be required to undertake their Content Teaching Areas at Nathan or South Bank.

Work-integrated learning

Students will undertake 80 days of supervised professional practice. 

The work component is 37.50 hours/week across 16 weeks. The total work component is 600 hours. 

Estimate your cost

Count of person


Total costs



Cost of living 1 person $10,980
Accommodation 1 bed room $9,200
Tuition 1 person $32,000

Hourly wage

Min wage

23.23 AUD / 1 hour

in Australia every student can work 48 hour per fortnight

Required documents

  • Academic transcripts
  • Award certificates
  • A key/guide to a grading system
  • Official English language translations of documents not in English
  • IELTS or TOEFL test results if English is not your native language
  • Passport or Visa Documents

Language requirements

not required
not required









The Direct Entry Program (DEP) pathway is not accepted for this program.

Academic background and requirement

Completion of secondary school comparable to Australian Year 12 or equivalent academic achievement.

Prerequisites: English, English as an Additional Language, Literature or English & Literature Extension (Units 3&4, C); General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics (Units 3&4, C); Non-academic entry requirements. Primary Ed students from the second year will need a General Science subject (Units 3&4, C) or equivalent.

Note: Completing the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) is not an entry requirement for this program. 

However, if you have achieved a 'satisfactory' result for one or more components of the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) at another institution, the 'satisfactory' result can be carried across with your program application. 

You are not eligible to apply for a place in the program if one or more component of LANTITE remains at 'unsatisfactory' after two test attempts for that component. 

Griffith University does not support reset of LANTITE test attempts.


Post-secondary qualifications are required for entry into this program.

Completing one year of study at a recognised tertiary or higher education institution is required in addition to completing high school studies.

Applicants must also complete non-academic entry requirements to be eligible for this program.



Qualification: GaoKao: Successful completion of the National College Entrance Examination (Gao Kao) with a minimum of 65% of the overall maximum score.

Qualification: Peoples Republic of China Senior Middle School Graduation Certificate

A grade average of 97 in the final year results OR successful completion of a recognised pre-tertiary or foundation program OR successful completion of one year of study at a recognised tertiary or higher education institution is required in addition to the completion of High School studies.


All India Senior School Certificate or Comparable Qualification (awarded by CBSE or CISCE): An overall grade average of 70% in the best four academic subjects


Qualification: Iranian High School Diploma (before 2019): Grade average of 19.4 in the final year results

Qualification: Iran Pre-University Certificate or Iranian High School Diploma from 2019: Grade average of 13.5 in the last year's results


Foundation Study: 

Foundation Program is designed for international students who haven’t completed their high school education to the Australian Year 12 standard or equivalent. 

It bridges secondary and undergraduate studies to prepare you for entry and success in university-level studies across various study areas.

Career opportunities

  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Subject-Specific Teacher (e.g., Math Teacher, English Teacher)
  • High School Counselor
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Career Guidance Counselor
  • School Librarian
  • Education Administrator

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