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Differences Univly software Other Platforms
Quickly find and apply for your desired programs of study through the software!
Apply for a visa with sophisticated Migration Agents
Free membership on our Pre-Apply Hub! Go to Pre-Apply
Guaranteed Post Study Visa through each course
Help you settle, grow, connect, do your dream job and change your life
All-in-one Education Software designed to make you successful. We are on your mobile.

Univly Is not only a search PLATFORM. It is a systematic software designed to make international students successful!

New courses in Univly

The Smartest Course-Finder Ever Designed!

Univly is a detail-oriented software to find you the best study program . You submit your application at Univly, and we will take care of the rest. Faster than any other platform!

Post Study Visa Guaranteed for each search result!

Many international students are struggling with a big challenge: their program of study does not lead to a post-study work permit.

Univly has been explicitly designed with the cooperation of Migration Agents, focusing on ensuring that every course you apply for has a pathway to a Post-Study visa.

Univly Gives International Students the Tools, Mindset And Practical Roadmap in One Convenient Spot!

Yes, Univly gives you the mindset and tools you need to choose your desired study program, apply for that, study, balance your life, find a job or start your own business and change your life! Univly is the easiest "all-in-one" solution for you to study abroad.


Get your visa, Set Your Plan

Buy your ticket and we will meet you at your destination!

  • Get your visa
    Assisted by our licensed migration agents
  • Settlement in the new destination
    Settle easier than what you had imagined!
  • BusinessSecrets or CareerSecrets
    Grow your employability or business management skills by following the frameworks!
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Bonus1: Employer vs Employee 250
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Connect, implement, boost and get Post Graduate visa

You are one step away from your dream!

  • Study smoothly and Graduate
    Balance your life while studying.
  • Connect
    Connect to the people you need to grow faster.
  • BusinessBoost or CareerBoost
    Boost your position at work or boost your business by following the frameworks!
  • Get your post-study Visa
    This service is assisted by licensed migration agents at VISAPICK.
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Post study visa


Dream job secrets


Business secrets



Bonus1: Access to PsycoEdly
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Go Beyond!

Mission Accomplished!

  • BusinessDream or CareerDream
    Achieve Your BusinessDream or CareerDream by following the frameworks!
  • All Done!
    You’ve now changed your life!
  • P2P chain
    It is now time to give back as an ambassador of your community
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Post visas

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I AM A LifeChanger!

I am a LifeChanger!

Pre-Apply Hub

If you are not ready to apply for your study program, We help you be prepared in our Pre-Apply Hub!



We prepare you for the English Exam with the best coaches!


Help you choose the best program of study based on your passion, background, personality, future working environment and prospects.

P2P chain

Help you connect with an ambassador from your university who is like a buddy to get useful information

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PickTalk Exam packages



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Univly gives you the system you need to find the program, apply, study, connect, grow, graduate, find a dream job or run your own business, and change your life!

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Why so many people just like you are applying through Univly?

Here are a few FAQs we get quite a lot

It helps you to be prepared to apply

No! We don't charge you for admission. It's all free as we charge institutions and not the students.

Yes! We charge you a little if you choose to do your visa with us. Instead, we not only get your visa, but also help you set your plan. Also you will be helped in land and settlement.

All courses in Univly websites have been entered with the supervision of migration agents to make sure they all have the post study visa after you finish your program.

Yes! We have a first-class support team who can answer your questions 24/7!

Yes! Because Univly is like a system and is a completely different experience.

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