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Univly is not only a software company, but it also provides real services to its users.

Services Univly Other Platforms
1. Ease of finding and applying programs
2. Access to sophisticated agents
3. Guaranteed Post-Study Visa
4. Pre-Apply Hub
5. Access to 5X Academy
6. Destination Help
7. Dedicated English Support
8. Univly App with Obsession on customers

Univly Is not only a search PLATFORM. It is a systematic software designed to make international students successful!

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Apply for FREE Through the Smartest Course-Finder Ever Designed!

Univly's intelligent course-finder software helps international students discover and apply for the perfect study program. Submit applications with ease, and let our team handle the details. Best of all, it's completely free!


Visa Application Support from Licensed Migration Agents

Get support from licensed migration agents to help students with the student visa application process, including advice on required documents, eligibility criteria, and deadlines.


Guaranteed Pathway to Post-Study Visa with Every Search!

Secure Your Future with Univly's Guaranteed Post-Study Pathway. Our education platform, developed with expert Migration Agents, ensures every course you apply for offers a clear pathway to a Post-Study Visa.


Not Ready to Apply Yet? Get Prepared with Our Pre-Apply Hub

If you're not yet ready to apply for your study program, don't worry! Univly offers a free service named Pre-Apply Hub, where you can access resources and support to help you get prepared.


5X Academy: Your Ultimate Resource for Success

Univly 5X Academy is your ultimate resource for achieving success in all aspects of migration, from job opportunities to entrepreneurship. Access a comprehensive range of educational materials to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in your destination country.


PickTalk: Comprehensive Solution for English and Cultural Integration

PickTalk is your comprehensive solution for English and cultural integration. We offer language and culture classes, live experiences, and English exam preparation for international students. Prepare for a successful transition to your destination country and achieve academic success with PickTalk.


Personalized Support in Destination

With Univly's DestinationHelp, you can embark on your international student journey with confidence, knowing that you have personalized support in your destination from landing to connections.


Univly App with Obsession on customers

Immerse yourself in our customer-focused approach with the Univly App. With a strong dedication to international students' journey, our app provides support and resources for a life-changing study abroad experience. Unlike other platforms that only focus on technology and marketing, we are committed to delivering outstanding results tailored to your needs.

The Smartest Course-Finder Ever Designed!

Univly is a detail-oriented software to find you the best study program . You submit your application at Univly, and we will take care of the rest. Faster than any other platform!

Post Study Visa Guaranteed for each search result!

Many international students are struggling with a big challenge: their program of study does not lead to a post-study work permit.

Univly has been explicitly designed with the cooperation of Migration Agents, focusing on ensuring that every course you apply for has a pathway to a Post-Study visa.

Univly Gives International Students the Tools, Mindset And Practical Roadmap in One Convenient Spot!

Yes, Univly gives you the mindset and tools you need to choose your desired study program, apply for that, study, balance your life, find a job or start your own business and change your life! Univly is the easiest "all-in-one" solution for you to study abroad.

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am a LifeChanger!

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Univly Gives Back with Donation to Education Charities We Love.

Join Univly and improve education in the Middle East and Africa. Each registration results in a donation to education charities. Help build a brighter future for students in need.

Get your student visa

Set Your Plan

  • Get visa
    Get personalized support from licensed migration agents to simplify the student visa application process.
  • Find path
    Career counseling services to help students find their career path before they move to their destination country, using a unique approach.
  • Move and Settle
    Guidance on essential services, such as accommodation and transportation, to help students settle in Australia with ease.

Get Post Graduate visa

Study, Connect, Work and Grow

  • Study, Fun
    Help students to maintain a healthy balance between their academic and social life while studying in destination country.
  • Connect
    Provide networking opportunities and resources to help students grow their professional network.
  • Find job
    Career development services and resources to help students find their first and subsequent jobs.
  • Post-Study Visa
    Personalised assistance with the post-study visa application process through licensed migration agents.

Other Visas

Go beyond. Embrace Freedom!

  • Get your dream career
    help students achieve their career or business aspirations through mentorship, coaching, and other professional development resources.
  • Help your peers
    Give back to their community by becoming ambassadors and supporting fellow students in their academic pursuits.
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Why So Many Students Just Like You Are Applying through Univly?

Here are a few FAQs we get quite a lot

It helps you to be prepared to apply

Univly is a platform that combines both software and personalized support services. While we provide a software application to assist international students in their study abroad journey, we also offer personalized support and assistance to ensure a smooth and successful experience. So, while Univly has software components, it goes beyond being solely a software company by providing comprehensive support to students.

Univly provides three main services:

  1. Admission and Student Visa services.
  2. Postgraduate Visa services.
  3. Other visa services.

No, through our Bronze package you do not have to pay for admission through Univly. Bronze package is completely free for students.

Yes, there is a small fee for students who choose to process their visa through Univly. We have a package of Silver and Gold that includes admission and Visa application.

Overall, Univly's unique combination of personalized support, innovative software and education system sets it apart from other platforms and makes it a great choice for students looking to achieve their academic and career goals.

All courses listed on Univly have been vetted by migration agents to ensure that they offer a post-study graduate visa upon completion of the program.

Yes, Univly offers a total solution to help students achieve their goals and succeed.

Some benefits of applying through Univly include guaranteed post-study visas, access to Univly's 5X Academy and dedicated English team through PickTalk, a hybrid model that combines technology and personalized support, and a sophisticated app to help students manage the study abroad process. Additionally, Univly offers a free Pre-Apply Clinic to help students prepare for their study program application.

Yes, our innovative approach and system allow us to handle a large volume of students while providing a completely unique experience.