Founded in 1952

Founded in 1952

Adler University

Founded in 1952

Founded in 1952

Adler University

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Adler University

Adler University, Vancouver is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver in the province of British Columbia in Canada. The Vancouver Campus started providing counseling training back in the early 1970s and has been officially developed into a campus of Adler University only in 2005. The institute is a highly ranked organization in terms of offering superior quality higher education in Canada.

This new campus offers 8 Master’s and 1 Doctorate program. Besides theoretical education and training, students get a complete range of required elective experiences beyond traditional practitioner training. To study in Canada is a dream of thousands of students and the university is making it possible by offering various scholarships and loans. The academic calendar of the institute is semester based and small class sizes provide higher individual attention. 

Adler University at present offers 20 graduate-level programs enrolling more than 1200 students at campuses in Chicago, Vancouver and online. The University does not offer any undergraduate courses. To make education affordable, they have a variety of scholarships and loans for prospective students. 


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All students have access to the Adler University Center for Learning and Teaching, which offers a variety of resources to assist in writing and research. Students can get individual assistance and tutoring on writing, theses, and dissertations, as well as personalized consultation for statistics and research design.

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Adler University

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