Founded in 1910

Founded in 1910

St. Thomas University

Founded in 1910

Founded in 1910

St. Thomas University

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St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University (also St. Thomas or STU) is a public Catholic liberal arts university located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

It is a primarily undergraduate university offering bachelor's degrees in the arts (humanities and social sciences), education, and social work to approximately 2,000 students.

The university's campus has six academic buildings, which are equipped with student-friendly amenities.

The university also offers several unique programs including recognized majors in Criminology, Journalism, Human Rights, and Communications and Public Policy. 

The university is unique in Canada for its sole focus on liberal arts and its commitment to social justice.

Each year, St. Thomas University update their International Wall of Flags to acknowledge the countries of current international students.

In 2021, international students make up 11% of their student body and represent 41 different countries.

They believe smaller is better, and the small size is the reason they can give each one of their students a big university experience full of opportunities!

St. Thomas University offers different academic assistance services to its students to help them out with their education.

Students can avail themselves of the benefits of the Writing Centre when they need guidance on writing projects, essays, and thesis.

Additionally, the Peer Tutoring Services allows students to receive two hours of free tutoring per week, making it easier for them to learn/understand difficult concepts.

This university offers several scholarships to provide financial assistance to its students.

St. Thomas' notable alumni include a Canadian prime minister, Brian Mulroney, a New Brunswick premier, Shawn Graham, federal and provincial cabinet ministers, clerics, university presidents as well as several Rhodes Scholars.

On-campus accommodation

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St. Thomas University Campus

Residence fee Duration

$4,843 CAD

UP to $9,758

Off-campus accommodation

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Shared house

$6,204 CAD


Shared house

$4,128 CAD


Entire house

$12,396 CAD


St. Thomas University's Facilities and Services:



Emergency Services

Security Camera 

To ensure a safe and secure environment, the University uses security cameras at locations on campus.

The Security Camera Policy outlines parameters for the use of these cameras.


Plans and executes preventative and deferred maintenance on campus structures, grounds and equipment.

For necessary repairs to a classroom or office.

Mail Services

Acts as a mail service for the University.

Activities include: reception and distribution of inbound mail and central parcel pick up for items arriving via courier service (University and residences).

Space Utilization

Special Projects like assists with spring and summer convocations

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St. Thomas University

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