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Loyalist College

The original, enduring Loyalist Pioneers settled along the northern, serene shores of Lake Ontario and built prominent communities across eastern Ontario. Like its namesake, Loyalist College is recognized for its strong, pioneering presence, community resolve, determination and forward-thinking leaders.


On-campus Based on university info

Campus name Number of weeks Min residence fee Max residence fee
Belleville 34 $3,080 CAD $6,000 CAD
Brunel Campus $6,000 CAD $10,000 CAD
Belleville campus 34 $3,080 CAD $6,000 CAD

Off-campus Based on univly research


Shared house

$5,280 CAD


Shared house

$7,920 CAD


Entire house

$15,852 CAD

your annual rent (Off-campus) in Belleville


People and places are the forces that shape our lives. The greatest impact on your educational experience will be made by the peers you learn with and the classrooms, labs and workshops where you study. The leading-edge facilities at Loyalist will give you access to the latest tools and technologies, learning resources, and realistic practice environments that prepare you to be confident and effective in the workplace. Click on the links at left to learn more about the state-of-the-art facilities on campus.

Loyalist College average tuition

$13,000 CAD




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