Founded in 1967

Founded in 1967

Fanshawe College

Founded in 1967

Founded in 1967

Fanshawe College

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Fanshawe College

Fanshawe is a comprehensive college serving the greater London region by providing flexible learning arrangements and experiential education opportunities developed in response to labour market needs. One of Ontario’s largest colleges - with four campuses in London, Simcoe, St. Thomas and Woodstock - Fanshawe serves close to half a million people with a promise to educate, engage, empower and excite. We offer more than 200 degree, diploma, certificate and apprenticeship programs to 43,000 students each year, helping people unlock their potential and achieve success in a variety of disciplines including applied arts, business, health care, human services, hospitality and technology. Fanshawe also plays an important role in providing re-skilling and skill upgrading opportunities for mature learners through the design and delivery of custom training for federally and provincially sponsored trainees, community organizations, sectoral training councils and private sector employers in the business, health, industrial and services sectors.


On-campus Based on university info

Campus name Number of weeks Min residence fee Max residence fee
London South Campus 52 $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD
London - Downtown 12 months $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD
London Downtown Campus 52 $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD
London Campus 52 $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD
Kincardine 12 months $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD
London 12 months $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD
St. Thomas 12 months $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD
Simcoe 52 $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD
London Campus Airport 52 $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD
London - Airport 52 $7,250 CAD $9,790 CAD

Off-campus Based on univly research


Shared house

$5,364 CAD


Shared house

$8,052 CAD


Entire house

$16,104 CAD

your annual rent (Off-campus) in London


London Transit Commission (LTC) bus pass: upon registration, full-time students attending Fanshawe College in London are given a LTC bus pass as part of your registration fees. LTC service is frequent and there are a number of buses that stop on campus.

Fanshawe College average tuition

$28,092 CAD




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Fanshawe College

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