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Canadore College

From the time Canadore College opened its doors in 1967, we’ve taken pride in creating the best possible environment for learning and is the college of choice for students from across the province and around the world.

The focus is on student success, program and service excellence, connection to community, sustainability and innovation. The college graduates approximately 1,000 students each year and has over 40,000 alumni.


On-campus Based on university info

Campus name Number of weeks Min residence fee Max residence fee
Commerce Court 52 $7,600 CAD $9,900 CAD
Aviation Campus 52 $7,600 CAD $9,900 CAD
College Drive Campus 52 $7,600 CAD $9,900 CAD
Mississauga 52 $7,600 CAD $9,900 CAD
Scarborough 52 $7,600 CAD $9,900 CAD
Canadore at Stanford - Brampton 52 $7,600 CAD $9,900 CAD
West Parry Sound 52 $7,600 CAD $9,900 CAD

Off-campus Based on univly research


Shared house

$5,004 CAD


Shared house

$7,500 CAD


Entire house

$15,000 CAD

your annual rent (Off-campus) in North Bay


  It's more than just a place to sleep!

  Our residence facilities feature additional common spaces and services for you to use and enjoy while you stay here!


  • Fitness Rooms

    Located on the 6th floor of each building and overlooking the beautiful North Bay scenery, the fitness rooms are equipped with the 

    essentials to ensure a complete cardio workout including treadmills, ellipticals, and bicycles.

  • Lounges

     Our comfortable lounges come complete with large screen televisions and couches. Located in a quiet environment, each lounge has 

      wireless Internet access and is perfect for group or individual studying, movie nights or just to get together with friends.

  • Large Multi-Purpose Room

     Utilize our large multipurpose room in building C19 which features a pool table, couches, large screen TV, chairs and tables.

     Conveniently located on the first floor, this is a great room for potluck events, late night group study sessions, or attending some of  

     the various events organized by the Resident Advisors!

  • Laundry Room

    Whether it is 2am or 5pm our laundry room is available to residents 24 hours a day! With energy saving front loading washers and

    dryers, all residents have to do is load up their laundry card with the convenient SparkleXpress system on site - no more fumbling

    around for change!

  • Front Desk Services

     Located in C15, the front desk staff is always willing to answer questions, assist you, or point you in the right direction. The front desk

     is staffed 24 hours per day and is always a phone call away!



Canadore College average tuition

$10,500 CAD




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