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Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA)

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Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA)

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Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA)

Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA) is the number one choice for domestic and international students seeking quality vocational training. 

It's not simply a training provider but passionate about effective and practical education. 

MCCA aims to provide high-quality, personalised and hands-on vocational training.

Located in the heart of Melbourne, its campus is fairly big, with many facilities that can make studying a comfortable and enjoyable journey. 

It uses the latest technological equipment and tools to enhance the training-learning experience.

The students will always feel supported and empowered through the unique ‘student support program’, and support services are available onsite.

If you are enthusiastic about enhancing your current skills or developing new skills, enrol for one of its vocational courses today at Melbourne City College Australia.

Off-campus accommodation

annual rent in Melbourne
based on univly research


Shared house

$12,504 AUD


Shared house

$8,340 AUD


Entire house

$25,020 AUD


  • Enrolment procedure and documentation
  • Accommodation and airport reception service on your arrival in Melbourne (this must be pre-booked, or prior notice must be provided)
  • Orientation program as per your offer letter
  • Provide you with a "key contact person" for all your communication
  • Provide information about life in Melbourne and studying at MCCA
  • What is expected of you as a student visa holder
  • Support for general and personal issues that may affect your ability to study
  • Health services referral
  • Social activities, programs and support for involvement in your local community
  • Provide one-on-one support to individual students in crisis
  • Support and encouragement
  • Support for academic and future progress.

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