Founded in 1838

Founded in 1838

Acadia University

Founded in 1838

Founded in 1838

Acadia University

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Acadia University

Founded in 1838, Acadia University is one of Canada's oldest and most respected liberal arts universities. 

Located just a one-hour drive from Halifax, Nova Scotia and its international airport, Acadia is an integral part of the quintessential college town of Wolfville, overlooking the Annapolis Valley and the Bay of Fundy.

Acadia’s 3,574 students come from nearly every province and almost 60 countries to take advantage of the strong academic programs, a curriculum that encourages personal development, and collaborative learning experiences led by award-winning professors.

Students are encouraged to become part of a scholarly community that encourages and inspires them. 

Community engagement, real-world opportunities, and meaningful research at the undergraduate level are pillars of an Acadia education. 

The University recognizes that learning means living every moment in and out of class. 

Working closely with their professors can be transformative for faculty and students and often results in lifelong friendships.

In addition to the academic experience, cocurricular and campus life programs enhance learning opportunities and help students develop teamwork and leadership skills. 

Acadia has a long tradition of respecting diversity. 

Each community member has different experiences to share, enriching classroom and casual interactions.

The liberal arts curriculum, combined with the intangible Acadia spirit and sense of belonging, lays a strong foundation for students’ future aspirations – travel, post-graduate study, careers, and family. 

An Acadia education helps students grow and prepares them for life.

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Acadia Campus

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UP to $10,335

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Acadia University

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