Founded in 1853

Founded in 1853

St. Francis Xavier University

Founded in 1853

Founded in 1853

St. Francis Xavier University

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  • 4500

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St. Francis Xavier University

One of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious universities, St. Francis Xavier, has consistently ranked the best undergraduate university in Canada.

The first university in Canada to have a formal Service Learning program, StFX values community development, social justice and global awareness. 

The university is home to the internationally-recognized Coady International Institute, and students find leadership development opportunities here that they can apply in all aspects of their lives. 

Students who are committed to and embody these values thrive at StFX.

The close-knit residence environment is at the heart of the StFX experience. 

Students live and learn together in a thriving academic environment. 

StFX has various fascinating programs to choose from in the faculties of Arts, Science and Education and within the Gerald Schwartz School of Business.

Their 45,000 worldwide alumni are a strong and engaged community and provide a valuable network for graduating students.

Today’s StFX is one of Canada’s very best universities; known for our exceptional academic programs, focus on leadership development and commitment to social justice and community development.

Founded in 1853, St. Francis Xavier has a long and proud tradition as one of Canada’s oldest universities

For almost 165 years, the university has cultivated its strong and resilient spirit, dedication to intellectual rigour, and commitment to engaging students who aspire to be community-minded citizens of the world. 

Their motto Quaecumque Sunt Vera, or “Whatsoever Things are True”, perfectly captures the values of integrity, dignity, truth, and respect for all.

On-campus accommodation

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St. Francis Xavier campus

Residence fee Duration

$11,215 CAD

UP to $14,175

Off-campus accommodation

annual rent in Antigonish
based on univly research


Shared house

$5,556 CAD


Shared house

$3,708 CAD


Entire house

$11,124 CAD


  • Pharmacy
  • Convenience store
  • Two gymnasiums
  • Pool facilities
  • Full-service fitness centre
  • Dance studio
  • Academic advising services
  • Two ice surfaces
  • Live theatre
  • Cafes
  • Two libraries
  • Special dining options
  • The Student Success Centre for academic skill development and tutoring
  • The Campus Store where you can get books and StFX gear
  • Licensed child-care facility
  • Shuttle service (provided by local merchants and the StFX Students' Union)
  • Student Career Centre
  • Bus depot
  • Full-service Health and Wellness Centre (includes counselling services)
  • Indoor and outdoor running track
  • Three athletic fields (one turf)

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St. Francis Xavier University

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