Founded in 1843

Founded in 1843

Bishop's University

Founded in 1843

Founded in 1843

Bishop's University

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Bishop's University

Bishop’s University was founded as Bishop’s College in 1843, under the sponsorship of the Right Reverend G.J. Mountain, the Anglican Bishop of Quebec, with the assistance of a group of clergy and laymen from the Eastern Townships. 

In 1853, the University received a Royal Charter granting it the right to confer degrees. Bishop’s remained under the aegis of the Church of England until 1947, when the Corporation of the University was reconstituted as a nondenominational body. Since this time, Bishop’s University has welcomed students from all backgrounds, cultures and creeds. 

Bishop’s University’s 550-acre campus features 25 buildings, including seven residences, two libraries, two theaters, outstanding classrooms, laboratories, athletic facilities, a sports and recreation center that includes three gyms, an indoor pool and an 800-seat arena, a historic chapel, a music recital hall, and a daycare. A duck pond and wildlife refuge, 10 tennis courts, an outdoor pool and a golf course are also found on the campus.

On-campus accommodation

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Bishop’s University’s campus

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$4,320 CAD

UP to $5,592

Off-campus accommodation

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Shared house

$2,796 CAD


Shared house

$1,860 CAD


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$5,592 CAD


With the Bishop’s campus being the neighboring community that it is, students are able to take advantage of all the on-campus resources at a short distance; Including the bookstore, convince store, athletic facilities and all other services that the university supplies.

Living on campus also will guarantee you a short walk to all of your classes and the library for your study resources and needs. On the downside, living on campus can make it difficulty to create an excuse to be late for classes.

Students are able to access all of Bishop’s accommodations at close convenience By living in residences. Living on campus allows for students to become familiar with the Bishop’s population at all levels and ensure a hands-on opportunity in designing their experience at Bishop’s University. 

By living in residence students are presented with even more involvement opportunities through the residence life programming and committees. 

Living on campus will ensure a social and welcoming community by best accommodating to your preferences and the continuous encouragement of student involvement at Bishop’s University. 

By living on campus students will be able to create memories and experiences that will only fulfill the Bishop’s experience beyond expectations.

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Bishop's University

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