Bachelor of Commerce

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Bachelor of Commerce

Quick facts

  • Annual tuition (2022)

    $47,300 AUD

  • Application fee

    $100 AUD

  • Duration

    3 years

  • PSW

    2 years

  • Min GPA

    70 out of 100

  • CRICOS code



These items are optional and you can choose them as you wish after applying for the course.


Term start& deadline Deadline
Fall-February 31-January-2022 2022-01-31
Winter-July 30-June-2022 2022-06-30
Fall-February 31-January-2023 2023-01-31
Winter-July 30-June-2023 2023-06-30


Bachelor of Commerce

Join the brilliant minds of the commercial world.

If you're a clever thinker who likes to find solutions to problems and consider ideas in abstract ways, Commerce will teach you to apply your thinking in a commercial capacity to influence change.

Commerce is integral to all facets of the economy. It encompasses the diverse and rapidly changing activities of the world, including decision-making, leadership, innovation and policy development.

In this course you will develop broad commercial knowledge and acquire expertise in a particular discipline, while also developing the capacity to drive change in the future. 

With 12 majors to choose from and 12 double-degree options on offer, you will have genuine depth and diversity of choice at Monash.


  • Accounting
  • Actuarial studies
  • Behavioural commerce
  • Business analytics
  • Business law
  • Econometrics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management studies
  • Marketing science
  • Mathematical foundations of econometrics
  • Sustainability

Comprehensive and flexible, the Bachelor of Commerce offers you a range of options to help develop the skills you'll need to thrive in the commercial world. 

If you're looking for a course that provides you with the space to develop your interests and explore new horizons, this is it.

Enhance your learning experience at Monash through a range of co-curricular activities that develop your critical thinking, communication and negotiation skills. 

These activities also increase your employment opportunities through:

  • Internships with leading companies and brands.
  • International exchange programs with one of the 150 partner universities across the world.
  • Leadership and professional development programs.
  • Networking opportunities with business leaders.

A degree from an internationally recognised business school such as Monash will make you employable across the globe. 

It gives you a broad range of career options in fields as diverse as finance, economics, marketing, consulting, information technology, government, health care and more.

You can use your professional skills to work in or manage an organisation, or apply your analytical abilities to initiate change and make business better. 

Depending on the major(s) you choose, you could work across any industry in either the corporate or public sectors, or the professions. 

High achieving students will be eligible for entry to the Monash Business School Scholars Program.

The course begins with an introduction to core commerce discipline principles, and then offers the choice and flexibility to study up to two majors in different commerce disciplines, as well as the opportunity to study overseas or undertake an internship.

Estimate your cost

Count of person


Total costs



Cost of living 1 person $10,212
Accommodation 1 bed room $10,500
Tuition 1 person $47,300

Hourly wage

Min wage

23.23 AUD / 1 hour

in Australia every student can work 48 hour per fortnight

Required documents

  • Academic/Official Transcripts
  • Language Proficiency (If Applicable)
  • Passport or Visa Documents
  • Official translations of documents in a language other than English

Language requirements

not required
not required








Language pathway (conditional offer) is available
Eligible to apply without language certificate

With Monash English Bridging, you will learn to develop the English language and academic skills required for pursuing diplomas, undergraduate, graduate and higher degrees of research courses at Monash – without the need to sit for an IELTS test.

Monash English provides a direct pathway to Foundation Year and Monash English Bridging, without the need to sit an IELTS (or equivalent) test

You can enter Monash English at any level. 

You will need to sit an approved English language test and achieve a minimum score of IELTS 4. Or, you can complete the Monash English Placement Test and enter without an IELTS score.

If you haven’t met the English requirements for direct entry, you may be eligible for the Monash English Bridging (MEB) program. If you successfully complete MEB, you can join your chosen destination degree. 

English language entry requirements 

Standard (Level A)

Courses requiring an IELTS of 6.5 (no band less than 6.0)

20-week program

Monash EnglishSuccessful completion of Monash English Upper Intermediate (ME5)
IELTS5.5 (no band lower than 5.0).
TOEFL iBT/TOEFL Special Home Edition52 (writing 15, speaking 14, listening 5, reading 5).
Pearson42 (writing 36, speaking 36, listening 36, reading 36).
Duolingo English Test85 Plus performance in long turn answers. Long turn answers consist of speaking and writing components and are graded by Monash College.
Linguaskill162 (no band lower than 154).

15-week program

Monash EnglishSuccessful completion of Monash English Pre Advanced (ME6)
IELTS6.0 (no band lower than 5.0).
TOEFL iBT/TOEFL Special Home Edition69 (writing 15, speaking 14, listening 5, reading 5).
Pearson50 (writing 36, speaking 36, listening 36, reading 36).
Duolingo English Test95 Plus performance in long turn answers. Long turn answers consist of speaking and writing components and are graded by Monash College.
Linguaskill169 (no band lower than 154).

10-week program

Monash EnglishSuccessful completion of Monash English Pre Advanced (ME6)
IELTS6.0 (writing 6.0, no band lower than 5.0).
TOEFL iBT/TOEFL Special Home Edition69 (writing 21, speaking 14, listening 5, reading 5).
Pearson50 (writing 50, speaking 36, listening 36, reading 36).
Duolingo English Test95 Plus performance in long turn answers. Long turn answers consist of speaking and writing components and are graded by Monash College.
Linguaskill169 (writing 169, no band lower than 154).


Academic background and requirement

All Monash undergraduate courses require you to have successfully completed a minimum of an Australian Year 12 qualification (or equivalent).

Prerequisite subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics

Post secondary qualifications:

International entry requirements for post secondary qualifications can be located in the study credit and admissions eligibility search. If your qualification is not listed they will assess your application when you apply.

Qualifications that are competency based (without grades or marks) will not be considered for admission.

Higher Education:

Applicants will require a minimum 70% average to be considered for selection. 

Preference will be given to applicants whose prior studies are related to the course. A minimum of two single units must be completed in order to meet minimum admission requirements

If you have a complete or incomplete international bachelor degree, it must be accredited and equivalent to an Australian level where the entry requirement will vary than listed above.


Gaokao: 70%


  • All India Senior School Certificate  83%
  • Indian School Certificate Examination 77%

Monash University Foundation Year

If you're an international student, Foundation Year gives you the best preparation and support for success at Monash University. 

It's a per-university program offered through Monash College, and if you successfully complete it and meet the other entry requirements, It guarantees you entry into first year of any degree at Monash University. 

You'll choose from 13 subjects to suit your skills, interests and the degree you wish to apply for.

Monash College diplomas

Monash College diplomas provide a pathway into the first or second year of a course in art, design and architecture; arts; business; engineering information technology; or science. 

Both international and domestic students can study a Monash College diploma, and it offers some scholarships for domestic students.

Career opportunities


  • Business risk analyst
  • Auditor
  • Taxation auditors
  • Budget/management accountant
  • Systems accountant



  • Business consultant
  • Business services/analyst



  • Marketing coordinator
  • Advertising executive
  • E-commerce marketing manager
  • Public relations
  • Marketing researcher
  • Sales manager
  • Business development manager
  • Marketing communications specialist

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